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tv   Eyewitness News on the CW Philly  CW  September 22, 2014 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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jan? >> good morning, ukee, erika. one woman succombed to her injuries overnight, meaning, two women have now died, and dozens more remain in the hospital, injured, this morning, because of this, tour bus accident. police investigating and trying to figure out answers to questions like, how did this happen, and could it have been prevented? >> a terrible scene, on the side of the road, in new castle, delaware. crushed metal, shattered glass, passengers -- >> everyone so much pain. just crying out for loved ones, and a lot of them, just so frantic. >> elvis cruz drove past the crash, just after it happened. and jumped out to help. >> their wounds almost like from a war zone, so everyone so cut up, missing bits and pieces cents of arm, face, and there was no one on the scene without blood on them except me. >> once first responders arrived, he snapped these heart wrenching pictures, police say, 50 people were
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aboard this tour bus. it was returning from a three day site searing tour, round trip, from new york city to washington, dc, and back. the crash happened here, around 4:30 yesterday, on the route one off ramp to us13 north. police say the 56 year old bus driver, from flushing new york, was driving around the curve when the bus left the road and overturned onto its roof. the bus then continues to slide down the embankment, until it finally fell to rest on one side. police say the bus driver was properly restrained, and only suffered minor injuries. but, a 54 year old woman, from new york city, hui chen pinned under the best and died on scene. and 30 year old woman from turkey, transported to christianna hospital where she later died. police say up to five others were transported in critical condition, and were told two children were aboard, as well. that was jan carabeo reporting. happening now, looking live, nurses at crozer-chester medical center in delaware country in their second day of a two-day strike.
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nurses are unhappy over pay cuts, and pensions, but the biggest complaint is over-staffing. while the medical center says staff levels are above average, the union says one nurse has cents to tend to several patients at once. >> you see our patients, you know, deserve better treatment, and the ratios, you know, kind of hard, when you have five, six patients, and you're trying to give the best care possible. we feel staffing could be better. >> disappointed our nurses haves chosen to strike in the walk out on their patients, but i can tell you that we've had a contingency plan in place for several months. >> replacement nurses on the job this morning, both sides return to the bargaining table tomorrow, and while the strike was only planned for two days, spokesman for the nurses says the hospital is locking them out until friday. we'll stay on top of it for you. right now coming up on 8:03, traffic and weather together. katie is outside on the skydeck, little crisp out there? >> definitely. really all courtesy of the breeze starting to kick in here, erika.
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good morning, everybody, when the breeze isn't blowing it, actually feels pretty nice. but any time it starts to kick in, now getting to the time of year where the breeze doesn't actually cool you off so much as it just makes it feel kind of chilly outside. so, that's the story for us this morning, despite very, very quiet storm scan3, it did have frontal boundary that rolled through last night, didn't do much more than bring in couple of showers, bursts of rain for some you. right now completely in the clear from. that will you can see that reflect in the one of the live neighborhood network camera, outside whitfield, long shadows being cast, tell this much, stuck under shadow maybe waiting for bus or train it, will feel little chillier than it does in the bright sunlight. but that said, you can expect full sun shear today. here's where we stand, 60s anywhere from philly on south and east outlying suburbs generally into the 50's or low 60s, an as well, over the course of the day here we should expect to hit i would say the low seven's, out there, later on this afternoon. but, up in the poconos, it is going to be a lot cooler for you. temperatures shouldn't rebound all that much. but everybody stays rain-free,
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it is just a little breezy out there, and that again does sort of bring the little nip in the air. vet tore crashes we send it into you. >> thank you so much. good morning, everyone, still dealing with very serious accident, if you are traveling, in upper gwenned, this is 202 southbound at welsh rd., notice it is compromising southbound side for sure, northbound you have gaper delay to go along with it, still many emergency vehicles, on the scene. if you are traveling, in this area, or plan to, i would definitely try my best to avoid this area, at all costs, it has been out there for over an hour, just like this accident on the schuylkill expressway, this is 76 westbound, at the south street onramp to the schuylkill. so if you are traveling in this intersection, even seeing delays backing upton south street itself. we have tow trucks, police on scene, and getting by a bit of a squeeze. in addition to those incidents, weaver rush hour, we have sun glare, so, we have low speed, 19 is your average on 95, the delays start out of the area of bucks county, continue to slow you down through the vine st. expressway. fifteen your average on the schuylkill, sly slow downs,
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northbound, southbound, and eastbound 422 delays out of the area of trooper down through to 202. also, some volume northbound side of the 42, northbound 55, and if you are traveling mass transit probably your best bet right now because everything is in the green. erika? >> all right, torrey, thank you. new this morning, police say two men fired 21 shots in an overnight shooting that sent three people to the hospital. investigators say, two of the victims were grilling on front porch when those shots rang out. >> police continue to search for shooters and motive in that case. also, police are investigating an officer involved shooting in west philadelphia. that left 19 year old suspect critically injured. it happened just before 9:00 last night on the 5600 block of media street in carol park. investigators say, witnesses called 911 after seeing a man walking down the street with a gun in plane view.
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>> very good chance he was going to do something with the gun. people don't normally walk the streets with a gun in their hands. >> officers fired after the suspect pointed his weapon toward them. police recovered that weapon at the scene. no officers were injured, in the shooting. developing right now, the pocono mountain school district is closed for fourth day in a row. while the manhunt continues for the suspect, wanted for the deadly ambush on two state troopers. police release images of ak47, along with magazines, and camouflage bag they believe were left in the woods by the suspect, eric frein. authorities continue to focus their efforts on barrett and price townships in monroe county as well as the delaware forest area. >> this has been his backyard and he knows the terrain. our tactical units now know his backyard, the area he once felt safe n we are pushing him hard. he is no longer safe.
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i am confident that he will be apprehended. freon accused of murdering state police corporal brian dixon, injuring trooper alex douglas. >> needs the money to help the financially strapped school system. the tax will provide about $83 million a year to the state's largest school district. also, the two candidates for pennsylvania governor, have their first debate tonight, the state chamber of commerce dinner hershey. latest quinnipiac university poll shows challenger tom wolf 24 points ahead of republican incumbent tom corbett. the quinnipiac university poll also shows likely voters that wolf on the race's two biggest issues, jobs, and education. two alleged white house crashers, will appear in court today. on friday, surveillance video right here captured omar gonzalez sprinting across the lawn before his arrest.
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on saturday, shamong native kevin car was arrested after trying to drive into a barricading entryway. the first family was not at home. world leaders are gathering in new york for the united nations general assembly. more than 40 nations have signed on for international coalition to defeat isis. as marlie hall reports, the terror threat will be the main focus of the meetings this week. secretary of state, john kerrey, meets with more world leaders in new york today, as the us works to build an international coalition, to tackle isis in iraq and syria. yesterday, secretary carry sat down with iran's foreign minister, the us is trying to get more countries in the region to sign on. the us and france are conducting air strikes in iraq, and us ambassador to the united nation, samantha powers, says other nations will help in syria. >> we will no dot air strikes alone. if the president decides to dot air strikes. >> chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, army general,
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martin dempsey, maintains defeating isis hinges on getting support from arab nations. president obama will lead a meeting here at the un this week, focusing on the terror threat. on friday, the president signed a measure to arm and train moderate syrian rebels to fight isis on the ground. in an interview, on 60 minutes, last night, former defense secretary, leon panetta, said members of the national security team, urged president obama to arm the rebels back in 2012. >> i think that would have helped. and i think, in part, we pay the price for not doing that, in what we see happening with isis. >> the administration says it could take a year to train the syrian rebels. marlie hall, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". other news this morning, three afghan military offers verse gone missing in massachusetts, the men were at a base in cape cod for training and last seen saturday night at an area
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mall. a military spokesman says there is no indication they pose a threat to the public. days ago federal officials track down two afghan policemen, who disappeared while they were in the u.s. for training. investigators say, those men were trying to avoid returning to afghanistan. well, check out these massive flames. 5,000 firefighters are working over time, trying to control a raging wilds fire in northern california. flames from the king fire, already burned more than 82,000 acres of land. and so far, it is only 10 percent contained. light rain, cooler temperatures, are helping those firefighters. but, it is arrays against time. as thousands of homes are at risk. still ahead this morning, in the health watch, something simple that could help trigger peanut allergies. >> also, she messed with the wrong homeowner. coming up next, the grandmother caught stealing packages off of a front porch is nabbed by a pastor packing heat. >> also, bridesmaids run through a mud course in a touching tribute.
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to honor memory of young bride to be. >> and katie, fall is just hours away? >> it certainly is. countdown actually on right now, the final hours of daylight here, before the fall season officially underway. and i got to tell you, overall there is weather pattern to kick off the new season, it is not bad. you guys will like what we've got coming up. full details for you on the other side. >> ♪ >> do you remember the 21st night of september? >> hope so. >> it was last night. >> if you don't, you may need to seek help. >> oh, fall's kicking in. we got to check out just for couple of minutes. we'll be right back. good morning.
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>> pastor benny homes used surveillance camera, and waited for the alleged thief to strike again, with bathe boxes. after waiting all day, a suspect pulled up, and with a gun in hands, the pastor bolt through the front door, pinned her down. police arrived short time later. >> she said: i'm looking for my dog. he said you found your dog, bow wow. >> (laughing). >> oh, my. now, police say that woman also stole packages from dozens of neighbors. the homes' are offering to forgive her, not sure, though, if the neighbors will. can you imagine, finally catching that person? >> pastor? >> bow wow. >> oh! well it, has been ten months since nasa's made in spacecraft lifted off of earth headed for mars. >> and now, 442 million miles
8:15 am
later, successfully entered the red planet orbit. >> congratulations! >> now, this is the tenth us mission to mars. but, the 671 million-dollar project is the first dedicate today studying the planet's upper atmosphere umeh len spends a year orbiting mars, studying its effect on climate change. >> you made me so angry. (laughter). >> oh, i got nothing for that. >> katie, good morning. >> all you can do is laugh. >> indeed. >> thank you, marvin. thanks for. that will now, good lol. thank you for. that will outside, guys, "skycam 3", it doesn't get better than there is right? as we are wrapping up the summer season, officially here today, bright blue sky, frontal boundary has since passed through, so in atlantic city, everywhere else, temperatures taking little hit. it really does look like it will be a nice, looking day, little breezy out there, too, and here's y we get go next to
8:16 am
storm scan3, see the retreat, more than anything, just this little batch of clouds, little bit every wet weather came with the frontal boundery, obviously now long gone, so the skies are clearing out nicely in its wake. that means, not only is it dry, but also going to cool down little bit. at best, low 70s this afternoon, high pressure continues to hold tough here on tuesday, so another beautiful day, as we officially usher in fall for the first full day. by wednesday, though, there will be area of low pressure trying to nudge north. i think it will bring in more clouds, but thursday we got to watch the the leading edge of this might try to nudge in, and bring in at least couple of showers, perhaps some steady rain, just a chance at this point, that something that we have to monitor for you. so that said, a lovely looking beach day, we just showed you the view in ac. cool, breezy, give that you, want sweatshirt if you hit the board or hit the actual sand, but, the rip countries social security also still moderate. keep that in mind. pretty persistent winds coming in for us here north-northwest, as high as 20 miles per hour in time, the breeze very noticeable. come tomorrow, lovely.
8:17 am
with the wind calming down, temperature at best only get to 71, look at the early morning low, the next thing, 51 degrees our forecasted low, early tomorrow morning, guys, and that's the coolest it has actually been, since this past may. torrey, over to you. >> those whistles get me. every time, you have great whistles. >> thank you. >> and, a great forecast to go along with, that with all of the beautiful weather we have sun glare affecting your rush hour commute. also on the schuylkill expressway, an accident, eastbound that's affecting your commute. causing little bit of gaper delay. on the shoulder, right around the area of conshohocken, but the blue route, rather, approaching that point. but eastbound you're jammed. on 202, from 202, all the way down through toward gladwynn, catch slight break, then you jump noop more volume approaching montgomery drive-thru the vine st. expressway, so slow out there. same thing traveling on the eastbound side of the 30 bypass, the shot here not too far away from 340, big old problem here, as well, and you have big on provide on the schuylkill, 95, the vine,
8:18 am
everywhere that would you usually find the rush hour delays, exactly what you have right now. also, beginning today, a westbound schuylkill expressway at the spring garden onramp, it is closed because of construction, it starts today, it will be closed through november. so few alternates, if you are trying get on the westbound side of the schuylkill girard avenue or kelly drive. no major problems however for mass transit. and it is probably your best bet right now. ukee, carriy? >> tour, thank you. one part foot race, one part great music, the rock-and-roll half marathon this in philadelphia. >> thousands ran in this year's race, remarkable finish by marathon runner dina castor of california. she shattered the world record, and the women's masters division, clocking in at one hour nine minutes, and 39 seconds. well done. >> fantastic. in this morning's health watch, scientists using new weapon in their fight against deadly super bugs. engineers at mit found a way to identify different combinations of genes that can make deadly bacteria morsus acceptable to anti by the
8:19 am
innings. they hope this will lead to treatment for drug resistant bugs, that are responsible for killing more than 23,000 people every year. well, if you enjoy snacking on dry roasted peanuts, you may want to listen to this. researchers at oxford university say dry roasting can play a role in triggering peanut allergies. they studied mice and found moral err gist to dry roasted peanuts than raw peanuts. scientists also say the roasting process causes chemical changes in nuts, that could set off allergic reactions. a glimmer of hope and inspiration in otherwise tragic story. twenty-four year old shannon hall died in a car crash just weeks before her wedding. as you can imagine, her family and friends were in shock. but, this past weekend, her bridesmaids dressed up, took part in the mud run. the women had all planned to do this before the broad to be's sudden death, but went altogether in their bridesmaid dresses in her honor. >> i was going do every single one, because she would want us to do it.
8:20 am
so we went through every single one, even though they were a little tough. but we did it. >> her fiancee still injured from the crash followed the group in a utility vehicle. there he is, cheering them on. family members say they are planning to gather on the day of the wed to go light fireworks in her memory. what a perfect tribute. >> no doubt about it, that's beautiful. >> halloween is coming up quickly, if you love pumpkins, but you hate the mess of carving them, california farmer has the perfect solution. >> so cool. these are 100 percent natural pumpkins there is happened to look like frankenstein. better shot for you here. what they do, they're grown in a special mold, and they come out like that. that's so neat. they sell for $75, so you have to be willing to pony up a little extra cash for your franken pumpkin. >> that is amazing, look at the little smile on frank. >> these are friendly frankenstein's, you know? i like that. >> that's great. herman munster back.
8:21 am
>> what an idea, too, really, maybe, do i really want to car of this pumpkin? >> that's great. hey, they waited 63 years to marry. >> coming up: how high school sweethearts found their way to each other. >> first her to here's a look at what's coming up during evening prime time viewing here on the "cww philly".
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8:24 am
they parted ways after school, and married others, but reconnected decades later, when their spouses passed. now, marcella and johnny husband and wife. that's great. better late than never. fantastic. they were meant to be together. >> what an incredible connection, to finds somebody that -- so long, years later. >> sixty-three years. >> how about that? >> little smooch. little cake. does he stuff it in her face? >> oh, i'm hoping not. zero six years later, not appropriate. >> young at heart. >> young at heart. we'll be ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste.
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>> thursday cents at crozer-chester medical center in delaware country on the pick line this morning. let's give you live look at the line right now. the nurses plan to strike for two days, total over pay cuts. pensions and staffing. but, an union spokesperson says, the union is locked out until friday. the hospital says replacement nurses must be guaranteed at least five days of work. the next bargaining session scheduled for tomorrow. let's get your forecast with katie in the weather center oh, also pretty nice one, good morning, everybody, in the midst right now, of a little bit of a transition that's taking effect for our area, did have cold front cross through the region last night, left behind couple every damp roads, long gone at this point, more than anything, i think, you will notice the breeze in its wake. but bright blue sky out there. and, storm scan3, totally
8:26 am
empty. what did i tell you? isn't this preppy? that breeze, i got to tell you, though, really not making it feel much better than eat's right now in kutztown. so despite what the thermometer reads, any time that breeze kicks in, it will feel little cooler. so, that said, we already hit our daytime high. actually happened long before the sun came up. we should leave little in the philly area, as bet, low 70s, for us here today. with that sunshine overhead, by tomorrow, look at the early morning low. that will be the chilliest it's been since this past spring, by wednesday, more clouds, will build in. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, good morning, everyone, definately sun glare from this gorgeous weather. that's affecting your commute. also, an accident, if you are headed eastbound, on 63, woodhaven road, making your way, not too far a which from the franklin mills mall -- franklin mills mall. compromising the ramp. not too much volume but out there. however if you are traveling anywhere else, the schuylkill expressway, 95, 476 big old delays. mass transit, no problems there. >> thank you, next update at
8:27 am
85:00, a up next on cbs this morning, conversation with rock-and-roll legend, robert plant. for more local news weather traffic and sports, we're on the "cw philly". you can find us on these channels, i'm ukee
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it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste. >> waking up, feeling fall like. appropriate comparison. >> i was looking for the appropriate word.
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>> that was good. that will was good. >> keep waiting? keep waiting? >> traffic showing the benny, jammed headed into the city. torrey is in the house, we'll check the roads, doing trafficking coming up in just a few minutes, glad you're with us everyone. >> second person has died after tour bus crash in north delaware. >> now up to the national transportation safety board, to determine, how it happened. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo has been covering this for you, over at christianna hospital in newark, delaware, jan? >> ukee, erika, now learned that two people have died, and dozens remain injured in the hospital following this deadly tour bus accident. this, as police continue to look for a cause. a terrible scene, on the side of the road in new castle, delaware, crush metal, shattered glass, passengers clothes covering blown out windows, a scene no one was prepared to experience. >> everyone, so much pain just crying out, loved ones, a lot of them, it is cents so
8:31 am
frantic. >> elvis cruz drove past the crash just after it happened, and jumped out to help. >> they were -- almost like from a war zone, so everyone so cut up, missing bits and pieces cents of arm, face, and there was no one on the scene without blood on them except poor me. >> once first responders arrived he snapped these heart wrenching pictures, 50 people were aboard this tour bus returning from three day site searing tour, round trip from new york city to washington, dc and back. crash happened here around 4:30 yesterday on the route one off ramp to us13 north. police say the 56 year old bus driver from flushing, new york was driving around the curve when the bus left the road and overturned, onto its roof. the bus then continued to slide down the embankment, until it finally fell to rest on one side. police say the bus driver was properly restrained, and only suffered minor injuries. but 54 year old woman, from new york city, hii chen, pinned out under the bus on died on scene. and 30 year old woman from
8:32 am
turkey, transported to christianna hospital where she later died. police say up to five others were transported in critical condition, and we're toll two children were aboard, as well. and police say, this bus is owned by amusa express, out of new york city. "eyewitness news" reached out to the company, but has not heard back yet this morning. as far as charges go, police say, any charges are pending the outcome of this investigation. reporting live outside every christianna hospital, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". we now know four children killed in a car crash in northeastern pennsylvania were not wearing seatbelts, or in booster seats. they all died saturday, when the car they were riding in tried to pass another car in butler county. but the driver lost control, causing a chain reaction crash. the driver of that car was also killed. well, happening today, funeral services for an elderly woman who died during a house fire in south philly. flames ripped through a row
8:33 am
home on the 2800 block of south marshall street on september 12th, killing elizabeth little. services start at 9:00 a.m., at monte none baptist church at fifth and snyder. fire investigators believe smoking may have contributed to the fire. it is 8:33, here is your traffic and weather together. katy? >> good morning, ukee, good morning, everybody. high pressure regaining control. even despite the fact we just had cold front cross the delaware valley, it is long gone, skies have cleared out quickly, even though temperatures are taking little bit after hit, you will notice it feels cooler outside. still actually going to be real nice day. and we do have bit after breeze kicking in, too, however, so you want to dress in layers. ing it something i would suggest, anyway, because any time that breeze blows, it makes these values on the thermometer feel just a smidge cooler, so probably when the breeze is blowing in philly, only feels like upper 50's, that's definitely jacket weather. sixty-six currently your actual air temperature in wildwood, see some of the blue contouring starting to nudge in, from northwestern pa, and basically, high pressure just
8:34 am
trying to take over, so, that area of high pressure for the most part is centered right over the great lakes, that's why you have got the core of the darkest blues, and the coolest air, centered over that region. some of that cool air actually starts to move in for us in the overnight hours, early tomorrow morning, have some of the coolest air we've had since the past spring. looking forward in this afternoon forecast, not bad. breeze will make it feel smidge cooler, have hit daytime high, happened generally just right after midnight for most every us, but we will at least flirt with the mid 70s here today by about 3:00 p.m. back up to the low 70s in philly. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, keep in mind, with all of this sun glare on top of the rush, definitely want to make sure you are giving yourself enough time this morning, and maybe even some more time, because on the vine st. expressway eastbound we do have incident compromising right hand lane approaching the area of broad street. where a lot of folks usually are using that exit, so if you are traveling on the eastbound side of the vine. expect delays all the way toward the i would say really
8:35 am
the schuylkill expressway. give yourself more time therefore sure. we will let you know does clear out of the way. as we continue, taking you you to the ben franklin bridge, a crawl approaching the tolls, then all the way up and over down through to eighth and vine, it is just not a good situation right now, this monday morning, at least the eagles won last night, you might be able to get your free coffee today. but in regard to the rush, it is just a bummer, seven is your average on the schuylkill, 16 on 476, 15 on 95, and if you are traveling on the pa turnpike we have volume out of the willow grove area, all the way down through the vine st. expressway, watch out for eastbound delays on 422, as well, headed down toward 202, from just about 29 i would say. also an accident montgomery county limekiln pike east avenue. with a watch out for river road at swayed land road. >> eagles now three and zero on the season, getting used to those come back victories. the touchdown catch by former eagle desean jackson tied the game in the third quarter, and desean added a little
8:36 am
celebration mocked the birds doing the wing thing. but find maclin in the end zone, great grab. eagles win this 137 to 34. good team effort. now real battle at the field, one that spilled over by fist toss cuff in the fourth quarter. the melee started when washington defensive lineman cheap shotted eagles quarterback nick foles. >> so uncool. took to protecting his quarterback, took to new level. once the sides were separated peters and washington chris baker were reject the. fines are likely for the combat ants. >> i just react. i wasn't thinking. i shouldn't have did what i d but trying to protect foles. >> human nature for jay beater to react, hard to tell anybody not to react in that way. but the thing is the way, i think, the good sign, the way we handled ourself afterward. >> we told you about the long touchdown, celebration at the end, poking fun at the eagles but de shane made few big
8:37 am
catches, but the birds got the last laugh in front of the very vocal lincoln financial field crowd. >> put up great effort. i think great game. you know, they did great job. but, you know, we fought, so unfortunate we weren't able to win the game. >> mark it down, birds of just one of three teams to start the season three and zero, they'll face the 49ers sunday in san francisco. >> steelers ben through couple touchdown passes, antonio brown, and bell, combine for 147 yards on the gown, and pittsburgh dominated carolina panthers 37 to 19. brown had 09 yards receiving. steelers now two and one on the season, they snapped carolina home winning streak at eight straight games. >> baseball, phillies tomorrow night, enjoy final day off of the regular season today.
8:38 am
the season on a whole, likely didn't enjoy the end of yesterday's game in oakland, though, tied at six. bottom of the tenth, and the a's josh donaldson, takes miguel alfredo gonzalez deep to ends it it all. third walk off homerun of the season, two run shot, phils lose this one, eight to six. hometown hero and little league star mo'ne davis is getting more accolade. the taney dragons star pitcher given the dave isay ward of excellence yesterday. when they became nationwide sensation, this summer, she and the dragons made it all the way to williamsport, and the little league world series tournament. they did great job. as always mentioned, as she always mentioned, it is all about the team. indeed. >> so true. >> indeed. >> how is she making time for school? i mean? >> you know what? >> love the fanfare, but -- >> maybe just weekend thing, but still, he has to get those studies done. >> got to get the grades. still ahead this morning, good samaritan takes matters into her own hands when she sees tried locked in a hot car
8:39 am
watch she did to save that toddler coming up. >> also, stepping up the search for missing college student. her parents make their first public plea for help. as police focus on one man. >> and, can you trust the cloud? recent hacks draw attention to security of your information. three as zero's on your side with ways to stay safe. >> ♪ >> about to go into another season, 10:29 p.m. i'm setting the alarm, i'll wake up for about 152nd. >> fifteen? >> you agree? >> make it two. hello fall. >> i'm not getting up. >> you are kidding here. >> i'll say hello in the morning. fall's coming. fall's coming. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> the man seen with a university of virginia student before she dis a periods has now been charged with wreckless driving. eighteen year old hannah graham was last seen on september 13th. police named jesse matthew as is a person of interest in that case. over the weekend police say he sped away from the charlottesville police station endangering other drivers. hand a's parents thanked everyone for their support. >> i'm certain that everybody in this room, and those watching, knows that what happened to hanna could happen to their child, we need to find out what happened to hanna, and make sure that it doesn't happen to anybody else. >> more than 1,000 volunteers came out to help search for him over the week end. demonstrators in around the world sound an urgent call for action to reverse global climate change. hundreds of thousands took
8:43 am
part in mars ahead of tomorrow's meeting at the united nations to discuss the formation of new global climate treaty before 2016. wendy gillette was at the largest event in new york city >> an estimated 310,000 people chanted, drummed, and danced through the streets of manhattan sunday, demands action action on climate change. >> amazing, i've never seen anything like it, so glad something like this is happening in my lifetime. >> people's climate march just before world leaders hold emergency climate summit at the united nations tuesday. >> more than 1500 groups took part in the march, including scientists, nurses, labor unions, and members of 34 different religious denominations all of them seeking the same demands. >> i want people to a pay a end sean, they came from all over the world, to be part of the biggest climate demonstration in history
8:44 am
clogging much of mid town mars in 160 other countries, in cities like london, paris. former vision president, al gore, one of the first to sound the alarm on the climate crisis, held moment of silence, alongside un secretary general bonn key moon, and new york city's mayor, colleen -- calling for change along with many elected officials. >> what effect can it have? >> consciousness, the global deny ers, those who want to sweep this under the rug. >> a cry this loud would be impossible to ignore. in new york, wendy gillette, "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". now, a story about a woman in texas, who took quick action when she found baby locked inside hot car. angela radkey saw one year old boy inside a car in san antonio parking lot. she said he looked red in the face, and uncomfortable, so she didn't hesitate to smash the front windshield and crawl through a small hole to unlock the door.
8:45 am
she at no one else would help her. >> i felt like some people were kind of squared, didn't want to be liable, because the security guard was yelling that i could possibly be arrested for breaking the window. >> will not face any charges, because of a good samaritan law. that boy was a little dehydrated, but otherwise okay. now, police say, his father is facing child endangerment charges. he was inside that store shopping, for 40 minutes, before his son was rescued. >> want to get our traffic and weather together, kick things offer with katie. good morning. >> good morning, every, actually taking you out to the tropics. we had frontal boundary, what's left, long gone, from the eastern seaboard at this point. at least as far as we're concerned. but look into the rest of the tropics, couple of spots, pretty colors to see. but very, very limited if any activity going on in the atlantic right now, which is crazy, we're in the height of hurricane season i think for the next few days won't see
8:46 am
much of anything show any sign, sort of on our side with the hurricane season this year >> back here looking pretty good for the next couple of days, sunshine out there little breeze, make it cooler than the thermometer, tomorrow the breeze winds down, very very fall like feel to the air. just as we keck off the first full day of the fall season. >> i think few more clouds, tan could ends up bringing us some showers, if not even some steady pockets of rain on thursday. something we're monitoring, but thursday the one and only day we have at least even just chance for wet weather. otherwise, it is dry, few more clouds as i mentioned by wednesday but need the sunglasses, one access is he required. spet shirt specially tomorrow morning. 51 degrees. vet tore crashes over to you. >> i love me some accessories.
8:47 am
traveling on the 42 freeway, majority of the majors today, also typical rush hour. we take a look at 42, 42 northbound, going to be jammed approaching 55, then all the way down through to the walt whitman bridge, give yourself more time. even 55 northbound, approaching the 42, slow, 295, approaching the 42, in either direction, also seeing delays so just note. that will also your western suburbs, eastbound on 422, this shot here around oaks, slow from approaching oaks, then all the way down to 202, traveling on the schuylkill expressway, hitting speeds of about 8 miles per hour. a whole 8 miles per hour. not doing great, in either direction really doesn't matter where you are headed western suburbs, center city slow all overment same thing traveling on 476, 60 miles per hour, definately 59 southbound out of the northeast down through to the vine also volume going in and out of delaware county, 476, the commodore barry bridge. traveling on the schuylkill
8:48 am
westbound spring garden onramp closed through november due to construction, girard or kelly would be your best bet. ukee, erika? >> there is a developing story in today's headlines, investigators are trying to figure out the cause of a deadly bus crash in the new castle county delaware area. two women were killed in yesterday's crash, dozens were injured. live look at crozer-chester hospital, where nurses are on the pick line, you can see them walking right there at issue pay cuts, pensions, staffing replacement nurses are filling, in and they'll be there until at least friday, even if deal is reached before then. >> and in sports, eagles and washington redskins play the tough game yesterday, cheap shot on birds quarterback nick foles triggered big brawl, but nick bounced back to hit jeremy maclin with clutch touchdown. eagles move to three and zero on the young season after the 37-34 win. >> hacking scandal claimed several more victims. >> over the weekends nude pictures of stars like rihanna, kim kardashian hit
8:49 am
the internet. post today social media sites like red it and four chan before deleted by site administrators. the scandal began earlier this month, when photos of other a listers like jennifer laurence were posted. it is believed the pictures were stolen from i cloud accounts. >> between news of another major retailer with data breach, consumers may be wonder if their personal information is safe anywhere. >> "3 on your side" consumer reporter jim donovan has reminder to help you protect your data. >> targeting payment system of home deem owe unnoticed for five months, headlines these, can make consumers uneasy about trusting third parties, with personal data even though on line transactions and interaction haves become way of life. by now, most consumers have heard the warnings of the create strong passwords, change some periodically, and don't use the same one across all on line accounts.
8:50 am
but the personal finance recommends taking extra steps, for example, checking cloud settings on multiple mobile devices, to make sure what's private can't easily go public. also, pecks says, consumers don't always have to hand over information when asked, especially social security number. >> ask if it is necessary, but what you can do actually ask your financial institute to put note on your account. that you do not want to use your social security number as verification. >> on line shoppers can also take the extra precaution of checking out as a guest, rather than storing billing information on a retailer's website. is. >> if the site is hack, all of your personal information, credit cards, address, telephone numbers aren't necessarily being stored there >> so scam artists cents less likely to get their hands on it. >> maze runner finishes in first place at the box office. >> every morning when those
8:51 am
doors open. >> the runners look for a way out. >> pills in more than $30 million in ticket sales. the maze runner is adapt from the james' science fiction novels. a walk among the tombstones came in second with over 13 million. this is where i leave you took the third spot with little over $11 million. no good deal, dolphin tail two round out top five at the box office this weekend. today the price is right kicks off right on sister station cbs-3. drew carry back on the longest running game show in it. v history. today unveil aver sean, time is mine, for the first time in a decade. you can catch the price is right at 11:00 this morning on sister station, cbs-3, of course, followed by talk philly. >> hey, if you want to be on the show, you have the chance to come on down and be the next contestant on the price is right. contestant search this friday,
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if this song has you bopping already, this can be for you. >> makes you feel happy, doesn't it? >> it does, between noon and three sugarhouse casino, two winners in fly to la for taping of the show. and one of them is guaranteed a spot on contestant's row. >> wow. >> we have the details on ♪
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haim, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" on the "cw philly". don't forget for more local news weather, traffic and sports we're always on for you at >> check out talk philly at noon, of course price is right at 11. >> ♪ we still like that song. >> we do. very much so. >> we'll be right back with traffic and weather together. ring ring! progresso! it's ok that your soup tastes like my homemade. it's our slow simmered vegetables and tender white meat chicken. apology accepted. i'm watching you soup people. make it progresso or make it yourself. and now try new progresso chili. slow-simmered, homemade taste.
8:55 am
>> pick lines outside crozer chester medical center. live picture for you, nurses walk the line on day two of their proposed two day strike. but, now hospital spokespersons say that they'll be off the job until friday because the hospital had to guarantee replacement nurses cents five days of work, at issue pay cuts, pensions, staffing. feeling fall like. >> absolutely is, especially when you factor in the breeze beginning to kick in, too, starts to feel little cooler than the thermometer actually reads, head outside, quick check on storm scan three won't finds heck of a lot going on out there,
8:56 am
courtesy of high pressure regaining control here, even despite the passage every cold front last night. we actually hit this daytime high of 73 very early this morning, long before the sun came up. but we are going to at least rebounds somewhat low 307's at best, watch for the breeds, i highly suggest extra layer. tonight call it down right chilly. fifty-one in the city. and so many of the suburbs will easily fall in the 40's, will make it the coolest morning we've had since the past may. meanwhile by wednesday, few more clouds building in. thursday, our one and only shot for wet weather. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you, sun glare definately problem today. it is adding to the rush, also, adding to your commute would be westbound construction on the ben franklin bridge, if you are traveling, in the westbound direction, making your way into pa, it will be a squeeze, as you can see here. as we continue, taking you to the wide where speed censors are all around low and everywhere, eight your average on the schuylkill, 15 on 95, 16 on 476, and if you are traveling, the schuylkill westbound, the spring garden
8:57 am
onramp now closed until november. due to construction, so your best alternate could be girard or even kelly drive. mass transit looking great. erika? >> torrey, thank you. that's "eyewitness news" for now, talk philly coming up at noon, hope you have great morning.
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>> she buried her daughter. >> i screamed out no. >> and had every reason to hate. >> the alcohol concentration was 2.2 i said that would never happen again. >> it will stun you too. >> i wrestled with it because what is my family going to think. >> it's a start of a wonderful week, we are glad to have you with us on the "700 club". the question is now asked and many are now asking what was the strategy of america dealing with this monstrous evil in the middle east? what are we going to do? we are dismaying our allies


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